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Our services

  • EVF STAGE2 Fully Loaded Track Ready Kit for SUR-RON Light Bee - EVFREAKS

    Custom bike builds

    At EVFreaks, we specialize in all facets of customization, from precision made custom parts, powder coating and hydrodipping to bespoke solutions and beyond.

  • Powdercoating and hydrodipping

    We specialize in powder coating and hydro dipping, offering full bike rebuilds, suspension overhauls, and custom builds. Whatever your customization needs, we're here to bring your vision to life!

  • E-TUNING &BATTERIES Specialists

    Our specialists received exclusive training from Rubitech, the world's #1 tuning specialist based in Switzerland—who's considered the godfather in the field. Evfreaks proudly collaborates solely with Rubitech, a partnership driven by passion.


EVFREAKS have a great reputation as ‘The UK’s Premier Electric Bikes Specialists Company’ with a premium range of eBikes, CNC upgrades, Batteries, Controllers, Motors, Parts and extensive knowledge when it comes to anything EV - transformations.