Ultimate Discharge Sur Ron 72v Battery 72V45AH 32KW - EVFREAKS
Ultimate Discharge Sur Ron 72v Battery 72V45AH 32KW - EVFREAKS
Ultimate Discharge Sur Ron 72v Battery 72V45AH 32KW - EVFREAKS
Ultimate Discharge Sur Ron 72v Battery 72V45AH 32KW - EVFREAKS
Ultimate Discharge Sur Ron 72v Battery 72V45AH 32KW - EVFREAKS

Sur Ron Max Power: 72V 45Ah High-Discharge Battery Upgrade

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Maximize your ride with the MAX Discharge Sur Ron 72v Battery, engineered for riders seeking unparalleled power and extended range. This cutting-edge battery significantly enhances your Sur Ron, delivering up to 4x more power and up to 50% increased range.

72v 45ah Max Discharge Sur Ron Battery Features:

Key Features:

  • Peak Power: A staggering 32kW
  • Connectivity: QS8 AntiSpark Connector & Cables (AWG6)
  • Smart Management: BMS Mobile App for Android and iOS
  • Safety First: Temperature and discharge protection
  • Durable Design: 1.5mm Stainless Steel Case
  • Premium Cells: Samsung 21700 Grade A+
  • Craftsmanship: Hand-built in Germany


Extras Included:

  • Aluminium battery lid extenders
  • 120A breaker replacement
  • Upgraded AWG6 silicone phase cables with QS8 connectors
Unmatched Performance:

Expertly handcrafted in Germany, our High DischargeĀ 72v Sur Ron Battery uses premium Samsung cells grade A+ only from Europe warehouse, renowned for their long-lasting capacity and consistent power delivery. Tested by EVFREAKS race teamĀ and ridersĀ in extreme offroad conditions and many races

Using 1.5mm stainless-steel casing ensuresĀ durability and safety. The sleek design comes with an integratedĀ battery managment system - BMS - inside.

Range expectations:

With the High DischargeĀ 72v Sur Ron Battery, youā€™re not just riding; youā€™re exploring new horizons. Factors like terrain, elevation, and rider weight play a role, but expect up to 50-100% more Ā range because of our batteryā€™s enhanced capacity (1843Wh stock vs 3440Wh) and obviously efficient cells that minimize energy loss.Ā 

Unleashed Power: Our 72V pack is engineered for high-power controllers (BAC 4000 & 8000, Nucular 24F, Sintech, TORP TC500 EBMX X9000, etc.). Ā If tuned right - up to 25kw PEAK capable.

The battery also features an advanced Bluetooth BMS - Battery managment system for real-time monitoring of temperature and cell voltages ā€“ a must-have for safety-conscious riders.

Safety Assurance:

Our programmable BT BMS meticulously monitors all vital parameters. It ensures cell longevity and safety, regulating current to prevent damage under extreme conditions.

60V vs 72V: The Ultimate Choice:

The debate between 60V and 72V batteries is a matter of preference and need. While 60V batteries offer extended autonomy and compatibility with stock controllers and chargers, 72V batteries, like our High DischargeĀ 72v Or Ultimate Performance 72v, provides higher power output and impressive autonomy. They balance power and energy-density perfectly, unlike other batteries that favor one over the other.

In conclusion, whether you choose 60V or 72V, our batteries are designed to elevate your Sur Ron experience.