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EV Freaks x Rubitech: Limited Edition FAST BEE Sur-Ron Mods

EV Freaks x Rubitech: Limited Edition FAST BEE Sur-Ron Mods - EVFREAKS

Asim Shabbir Ahmad |

We’re quality freaks, and our team is always on the hunt for partners that dream just as big. Rubitech smashed our highest expectations! EV Freaks is excited to announce our first-ever collaboration with this iconic Swiss brand.

Don’t miss out on these two exclusive releases at the end of August:

Rubitech Pitbike Conversion Kits

Riders in Italy, France, and Switzerland are already obsessed with these Sur-Ron upgrades, and they’re dominating superbikes on the track.

Now UK and international riders can purchase the Rubitech pitbike conversion kit directly through EV Freaks. We are the only verified UK reseller and every order is backed by our quality and service guarantees.

This pitbike conversion is specially designed for the Light Bee X with real motorcycle front brakes and forks – no basic, adapted mountain bike gear. Every part is engineered and manufacturered by Rubitech, including the custom wheels and brake discs.

It’s time to step up your game and enter a new class of riding – click here to order your conversion kit.

EV Freaks FAST BEE Sur-Ron Mods

We’re only producing 100 pieces of these limited-edition Sur-Ron accessories. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Rubitech and EV Freaks have joined forces to create the FAST BEE line of parts for the best riding experience:

1. Redesigned sprockets

Lighter, stronger, and more precise. The FAST BEE sprockets are engineered down to 0.01 millimeter, so there’s absolutely no free space for the bolt to shift or move. Now you can ride with more power and better alignment.

2. New seat extenders

Improve your ergonomics for a more comfortable ride and enjoy better control on the course. Our new seat extenders are redesigned with extra bulk that adds strength where you need it. Plus, the all-new aluminum battery cap is emblazoned with the EV Freaks logo for a sleek, polished finish.

3. Extra-long bash plates and peg brackets

Our Sur-Ron mods are designed to be as strong and safe as possible. This skid plate helps you race faster and crash harder. The extra-long FAST BEE bash plate is manufactured from a single piece of solid aluminum for unbeatable strength. Plus, it’s compatible with new peg brackets that connect under the streamlined design.

4. High-performance mounting kits

Serious Sur-Ron riders know the value of BAC 4000 and 8000 controllers. Now you can mount it even more efficiently with the FAST BEE heatsink kit. This new design is engineered to prevent overheating with thin, cooling features, and it looks stunning! Announce your loyalty with EV Freaks and Rubitech logos embossed on the side.

As always, we design Sur-Ron parts for serious competitors and real riders. Let us know what you want to see next!

This limited-edition FAST BEE series is only the beginning of our collaboration with Rubitech. After the 100-piece production run is sold out, you can expect to see new designs and adjustments on our best-selling products.

Email us at to share your ideas and pre-order FAST BEE parts.