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About Us

By & For, Electric Riders!

The founder, Te Ma, fell in love with motorcycles as a kid and spent his life working on them & when Sur Ron released the Light Bee X, it changed everything. They’re quiet, dynamic, and absurdly fast – All with zero emissions running electric power.

We got our first Sur Ron's in 2018 and have never stopped riding. We raced, jumped, pushed our bikes to the limit, and crashed a lot.

In fact, we broke so many of the cheap Sur Ron factory parts, we decided to create our own.

Rev, crash, recharge… Rev, crash, recharge…
We did it over and over again on every single product design until we finally got it right. All of our Sur-Ron parts, upgrades, and accessories are designed and tested for performance in real race series and extreme off-road use.


Quality Freaks

Unlike many other EV brands, we don’t do this for the money – we do it because we love to get our tires dirty and push our Sur Rons to the max.

You can trust that we’ll never overcharge you or upsell mods that you don’t need, Instead, enjoy the best customer service with top-quality parts that are ready to ride.