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Quality Freaks: Sur-Ron Upgrades & Linkage Redesign

Quality Freaks: Sur-Ron Upgrades & Linkage Redesign - EVFREAKS

Asim Shabbir Ahmad |

One of our best-selling Sur-Ron parts is getting an upgrade! We’re doing everything we can to help you enjoy a safer, more comfortable ride. Our team recently received some disappointing feedback about our aircraft-grade aluminum linkage, which increases bike clearance by 30mm and improves suspension performance for higher jumps.

Did your linkage fail?

We’re committed to making this right. Please contact us at to let us know what happened. We’ll ship you a free replacement as soon as it’s ready and include a small gift to thank our most loyal riders.

At EV Freaks, we listen, learn, and innovate. Here’s what you can expect to see on the new 30mm linkage mod, coming soon:

  • New bearings

Nylon bearings work extremely well for most off-road riders, but some EV Freaks demand something more extreme. We’re swapping out the material for ultra-strong roller bearings on our next production run.

  • Heavier construction

Lightweight speed or rugged durability? It’s a delicate balance. To make these Sur-Ron accessories even stronger, we’re filling the hole in the middle of the design with solid aluminum.

  • Engineering redesign

After hours of aggressive riding and crash landings, we expect even the strongest Sur-Ron parts to break. However, our team of engineers has gone back to the drawing board to ensure that every EV Freaks mod lasts as long as possible.

Our Sur-Ron mods are crafted with the highest quality materials and engineered for precision. Whether you ride for convenience or push your Light Bee X to the limit with hard crash landings, EV Freaks will build the best solution.
Don’t forget to reach out to us at if you have any issues. We value user feedback and will always go the extra mile to make things right.