BAC8000 Controller Upgrade / Power Kit for SurRon - EVFREAKS
BAC8000 Controller Upgrade / Power Kit for SurRon - EVFREAKS
BAC8000 Controller Upgrade / Power Kit for SurRon - EVFREAKS
BAC8000 Controller Upgrade / Power Kit for SurRon - EVFREAKS
BAC8000 Controller Upgrade / Power Kit for SurRon - EVFREAKS
BAC8000 Controller Upgrade / Power Kit for SurRon - EVFREAKS

POWER UPGRADE: BAC8000 Controller - SurRon

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Are you looking to increase power of your SurRon? ASI BAC8000 Controller set up for SurRon or Segway is Tunable up to 32KW which feels like 3x more power of your stock bike (4.8kw). It can be tuned for different setups 60v or 72v. It will work with your OEM battery or with either 60v or 72v upgraded batteries.

You will get completely custom tune privately with engineer vs others simple pre-setups.

100% customizable afterwards using the Kilowatt & EggRider apps (on the Android and IPhone)


Whats included

Tuning session with real engineer: every customer is getting private remote programming session over the phone with one of engineers - they will be able to connect to your controller remotely and will double check have you self installed all right and will set it up safely up to your riding and gearing settings.

Heatsink mounting kit: we have engineered & cnc machined our own custom heatsink for the ASI controllers to mount it directly on the SurRon. The heatsink will cool down your controller unit significally if thermal paste during installation process will be applied. The heatsink protects your controller from direct contact with stones & dirt - we including side covers and top rubber mudflap to prevent water integration as much as possible.

Electric “Alta” throttle replacment  : Original OEM SurRon throttle is really jerky and has no controll at all whats why we are including “Alta” throttle replacment as when its paired with the ASI controller it gives you an outstanding modulation and full rev controll. Everyone remembers legendary Alta motorcycle which been bought by Harley Davidson - well they been using same throttles on them Alta builds as we are using on our EVF BAC controller kits.

Custom wirring loom: Our wirring loom it’s different when others. Made in-house by our electricians it benefits from direct throttle connection to the controller loom solving out most common problem - watter in the throttle plug making bike non working as originally your throttle plug is located under bashplate and connected the oem surron wirring loom.

EggRider Display: It’s a high quality LCD Bluetooth display which has an app for Android and iOS and you will get full functionality with it. You will be able to switch between 2 differently programmed modes up to your preferences and choose to have power levels - 3 or 5 on each mode.

Install brackets: You will get aluminium mounting bracket which you will attach to your SurRon frame panel and when you will mount our heatsink with the BAC controller slided in and secured.

Phase extension cables

BMS bypass kit: If you will be using this power upgrade kit with your OEM battery.

Motor temperature protection: As with all EVFREAKS tunes you will get motor temperature protection set for your SurRon Light Bee to keep your motor safe.



Can I install this kit myself?

You can benefit from this kit installing it with our supplied instructions. Or you can drop it off to our workshop or one of the dealers to get it done for you.

How much more power I can expect from this upgrade?

Using oem bypassed battery up to 7.2kw tune in order to do not damage your cells and keep them lifespan as long as possible.

Using one of our or other supplier upgraded batteries you can tune it up to 15kw which is 3 times more compared to stock 4.8kw.

Can I customise / change settings myself after you tune it for me?

You will be having full access to third party apps like Kilowatt and Eggrider both available either on Android or Iphone and you will be able to change most of the settings yourself like

battery voltage, power output, field weakening, throttle voltage, regen & more. Hovewer if you will be struggling with something or will mess up a settings playing yourself and if you will need advanced tuning our engineers are always able to troubleshoot remotely offering the remote programming session (first setup session is free)

Which controller should I get?

The BAC4000 controller in most cases is more when enough for majority of users ±90%. But if you are living in a hot climate area or looking to use your kit only on road application running full speed constantly when the BAC8000 will suit you more. Our race personal bike is equiped with the BAC4000 and 72v battery with the big wheels and frame extender and we are not able to push the bike over it’s limits. However SurRon motor is 18kw PEAK capable and you want that maximum performance once again you are looking for the BAC8000 when.


*EVFREAK LIMITED do not accepts liability for any DIY Battery bypasses or installations on our supplied ASI controller upgrades for SurRon. We do recommend to get it installed at ourworkshop by professional even if we do supply fitting instructions.