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High Discharge 72v Battery Builds For Sur Ron / Talaria Sting

Individual Battery Builds

What do you want your bike to do?  We’ll make it happen.

Get the best riding experience with a custom Sur-Ron battery build. These Sur-Ron / Segway upgrades can double or triple your range and power, even on rugged off-road terrain and extreme riding courses. Choose from two premium welded battery builds:

Sur-Ron 60v battery with 65ah for 2x the power and 2x the range
Sur-Ron 72v battery with 45ah for 3x the power and 50% better range

Our stainless steel battery case is 2mm thick and insulated with rubber to prevent vibrational damage. Plus, the internal components are protected with handmade textolite barriers for crashproof protection.

Every custom battery is built by hand with the highest quality components and authentic lithium cells. This custom build also comes with the EV Freaks Bluetooth battery management system, which protects the battery and tracks advanced performance analytics while you ride.

Authentic lithium cells by Samsung and LG
100% nickel plates
Low-heat laser welding protects efficiency
Handmade internal casings
Insulated stainless steel case

We are currently accepting orders with a 3 - to 4week turnaround.



60V 65AH 3520WH
9kw continuous, 15kw peak power

Double your range with a new Sur-Ron / Segway battery. This Sur-Ron 60v battery is compatible with the Light Bee X’s stock controller, but we recommend upgrading to one of our Nucular controllers so that you can double the bike’s power, too!
Unlike Sur-Ron upgrades from competitors, this battery is laser-welded and assembled by hand with authentic lithium cells and pure nickel plates. The powder-coated stainless steel case is waterproof and crash-proof, even in extreme outdoor conditions. Easily service the battery and swap out components as needed – the matte black case is sized to perfection and it’s not filled with a resin compound.
This upgraded battery delivers 9kw of continuous power with a 15kw peak. Plus, it’s equipped with temperature sensors and a Bluetooth battery management system to prevent overheating. Now you can go twice the distance and race at speeds up to 65mph.
Get on our preorder list to receive your hand-built battery upgrade in 2-4 weeks.

  • 60v, 65ah, 3720wh
  • 9kw continuous, 15kw peak
  • Authentic lithium cells by LG
  • Insulated, matte black steel case
  • Compatible with the Sur-Ron stock controller


    72V 45AH 3240WH
    11kw continuous, 18kw peak power

    Extreme performance demands extreme power. Our Sur-Ron upgrades are hand-assembled with the world’s best components, including laser-cut stainless steel and genuine Samsung Q30 cells. Upgrade your bike and double the capacity for both power and range with a custom Sur-Ron 72v battery.
    The powerhouse battery is laser-welded by hand and assembled in a stainless steel case. Unlike most Sur-Ron battery cases, there is no resin compound inside, so you can easily service and replace components as needed. The powder-coated steel case is fully welded and insulated with a crash-proof design that absorbs vibrations, even when you’re jumping on extreme courses or speeding through rugged terrain.
    This extreme mod will make your bike fly at speeds up to 80mph. The 11kw continuous power is so intense that the Sur-Ron’s stock controller can’t handle it! Our custom-built battery can be paired with a Nucular controller, which brings out the best performance in your new battery.
    • 72v, 45ah, 3240wh
    • 11kw continuous, 18kw peak
    • Authentic lithium cells by Samsung
    • Insulated, matte black steel case