Battery Freaking 72V 45AH 28KW - EVFREAKS
Battery Freaking 72V 45AH 28KW - EVFREAKS
Battery Freaking 72V 45AH 28KW - EVFREAKS


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Double your range with a new Sur-Ron battery and tripple up your torque and acceleration. This Sur-Ron 72v battery is compatible with the Sur Ron . Please note: in order for this to work you need upgraded controller, if you don't have one you can get one from us
EV-FREAKS leading the market offering ASI BAC controllers so that you can triple the bike’s power, too!

   Unlike Sur-Ron upgrades from competitors, this battery is laser-welded and assembled by hand with authentic SAMSUNG cylinder lithium cells and pure nickel plates. The powder-coated stainless steel case is waterproof and crash-proof, even in extreme outdoor conditions. Easily service the battery and swap out components as needed – the matte black case is sized to perfection and it’s not filled with a resin compound.

    This upgraded battery delivers 15KW of continuous power with a 25KW PEAK. Plus, it’s equipped with temperature sensors and a Bluetooth battery management system to prevent overheating. Now you can go twice the distance and race at speeds up to 75mph.

  • 72v, 45ah, 3,25Kwh
  • 15kw continuous, 25w peak
  • Authentic Samsung Q30cells
  • Insulated, matte black stainless steel case
  • Discharge BMS protected ( 400Amp discharge ; Charge 40Amp)
  • BT connectivity to IOS & Android for advanced data monitoring
  • 300pcs high quality authenthic SAMSUNG Q30 cells inside cost of 4-5gbp each.  (300*4=1200-1400gbp only cells price for us to buy)
  • Heavy duty stainless steel case. Cutted & welded with laser.
  • Precariously sanded and powdercoated in matt black.
  • Tempsensors to prevent overheating.
  • Only 20mm higher when stock battery. hardware for the battery compartment flush close is supplied.