Nucullar 24F Controller & Protection Kit 20Kw Stage2 for Sur Ron / Segway
Nucullar 24F Controller & Protection Kit 20Kw Stage2 for Sur Ron / Segway
Nucullar 24F Controller & Protection Kit 20Kw Stage2 for Sur Ron / Segway
Nucullar 24F Controller & Protection Kit 20Kw Stage2 for Sur Ron / Segway
Nucullar 24F Controller & Protection Kit 20Kw Stage2 for Sur Ron / Segway

Nucullar 24F Controller & Protection Kit 20Kw Stage2 for Sur Ron / Segway

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Kit comes with:

Elite Nucullar 24F controlller + Display + Protection Grid + Regenerative Braking Thumb Throttle + Extra 1 display glass


Replace your stock Sur-Ron parts to instantly increase your speed and triple your battery output. The Nucular 24F controller is one of our favorite Sur-Ron upgrades because it’s so user-friendly! Our plug-and-play kit includes the 24F controller, its LCD computer screen, connecting wires, and a protection grid manufactured by EvFreaks!
    24F is currently the only controller on the market with firmware specifically designed for the Sur-Ron Light Bee X. Plus, it has an on-board computer that can be programmed by the average rider, so you don’t need a laptop or professional programmer.
    These elite controllers have an 12-month preorder queue when you order direct from the factory, but our kits are ready to ship!

  • Compatible with all Sur-Ron systems (incl. kickstand, fall sensor, throttle, key)
  • DIY setup with on-board computer
  • Includes wiring connectors
  • Mounting and protection grid
  • IP67 Compound filled

The best aftermarket controller & easiest to setup, no laptop needed, do everything on your own just pressing buttons on the screen in less when 5minutes!

KW: Sur-Ron upgrades, Sur-Ron parts

  • Plug & Ride Kit for Sur-Ron. It is connecting to the standard wiring instead of the factory controller. All systems (kickstand, fall sensor, throttle, and key) will work. You will increase speed by 20-30 km/h (13-20 mph) and power by 1000-1500W on a standard battery. When replacing the battery, the power will up to 20 kW.

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum power: 20 000W
  • Nominal power: 10 000W
  • Voltage range: 20 - 90V
  • Phase, max: 500a
  • Battery, max: 300a


Supply out
12v 3A
Operating Temperature Range -30°C to 80°C
Phase wires 7.0kg / 180mm
Battery wires 8AWG terminals M6
Control modes Square, sensorless, FOC, charger
Temperature and hardware overcurrent protection

Sleep current less <300uA
Protection class IP54 filled with IP67 COMPOUND.
Size, without wires 86х43х185 mm
Weight 1100 g
LCD size 3.6" FSTN, monochrome
Screen resolution 240x128 px Screen heating
RGB-button backlight MicroSD slot
USB-charger 5.2V 2А Password protection
Rated Rotation Speed 4300rpm
Peak Efficiency 97.8%
Multilanguage (English, Russian) IP65 class (IP67 with compound)


ARM Cortex M4 CPU and 10 000hr 105C Low-ESR capacitors

Voltage monitoring on all motor phases, power supply, system supply 12V, and 5V

Synchronous rectification, ultra low drop, fast PWM to achieve very high efficiency

Direct phase current sense and hardware over current protection

Electric brake different modes available

Configurable limit for motor and battery current

Battery protection: over current, over-voltage and under-voltage protection

Motor and controller temperature protection

Support motors with any number of poles

Up to 100,000 electric RPM (ERPM = Pole pair * RPM)

Auto-detect 60 degrees or 120-degree hall position sensors
Support torque mode, speed mode, and combined operation, instant throttle response, no lag

Aluminum housing for maximum heat dissipation, dual side FET for best heat distribution

Wide types of input, configurable: 0-5V brake, switch brake, 0-5V throttle, torque pedal sensor, pedal-assist sensor

Configurable from Display

Auto no-operation shut down

Various modes of control: sensorless, square, combined, FOC

Multiple controllers on CAN bus may exist (open protocol LEVCAN)

Forged by 6000 Tons of Pressure

Charge mode through the motor with the controller, plug any DC supply to the controller to charge your battery


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    Customer Reviews

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    greg lawson
    Still have not received it

    I would like to review this product. To tell you how happy I am with it. But I can’t. Evaluate after waiting weeks and weeks. I still have not received it. So hurry up and ship the thing mate. Or give me a shout out on the bloody dog and bone

    nick z
    Love it

    Be prepared to add a different connector to your existing throttle. Not very difficult, if you have something that will crimp a ctx50 it will be even easier. everything else was very straightforward.

    Shipped fast from uk to ak! and came with more than enough hardware, I appreciate spares.

    The new grommets on the controller itself seem much better than earlier models which is a big plus as well.

    Very happy! Can't wait for spring to try it out.